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SolarDay 2010 was the Largest Solar Awareness Program in US History

July 9 (San Francisco, CA) - - - SolarDay 2010 was the largest public education and awareness program about the benefits of solar energy in U.S. history.
Tens of millions of people read or listened or watched coverage of SolarDay 2010 through extensive media coverage of this second annual day for recognition of solar energy and its many benefits as a source of clean, reliable, affordable electricity.
As well, people all across America attended more than 25 city events held just before or on Saturday, June 19.
In addition to U.S. press coverage, international coverage ranged from the U.K. to Australia, India and other countries.
John Reed, commenting on the success of SolarDay 2010 said: “We are immensely pleased with the public, solar industry and media support for this, the second year of SolarDay. We can’t wait for SolarDay 2011, which will include more U.S. and International cities and countries. Planning begins in August 2010 for the 2011 campaign.”
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